Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Driven into solitude I cry
Depression begs me die,
Masked by shades of black
I'm lost, I can never go back.

The path to sanity is steep
No sane notion I keep,
Realities and thoughts blur
Sounds and voices whir.

By daylight I sit and stare
Blankly at nothing there,
Nighttimes I pace the floor
As demons in my head roar.

Those garbled voices speak
They laugh at me and shriek
Urging me nearer the brink,
I no longer clearly think.

My confused mind cries for help,
I stand on insanities doorstep,
Only I hear my anguished plea
There's only helplessness for me.

Held between Heaven and Hell
In a shadow world I know well,
In despair I wallow desperately
As my mind surrenders to insanity.

In vain I try to rise from the pit
But my mind is locked into it,
In desperation and depressions well
I'm drowning under their spell.

Thoughts are aimless in my mind
My muddled world a grim kind,
The mouth of insanity gapes wide,
My tormented mind escapes inside.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-24-04

Song title: "Faequeen"

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