Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was Just Thinking

Yesterday has past away as always,
Today flowered but never stays
So we forever wait for tomorrow,
It's from there hope we borrow.

We hope tomorrow will be brighter,
The burdens carried lighter,
We waste today waiting for the next day,
Our lives are spent thinking that way.

We think about our lives a lot,
What we have or have not,
Where we've been or going to
And is the path straight and true.

We think about who we are,
Who we were, way back far
And who will we finally become
When it's all said and done.

We think of all the things we did
From the time we were a kid,
We think of things we didn't do
But all of our lives wanted to.

We wonder what our future may hold,
Will new opportunities unfold?
We think of old opportunities lost,
We didn't seize them as they crossed.

We think if we only had the chance
Our lives would be more enhanced,
If we could turn back the hands of time
We would do things differently next time.

We think about money way too much
And of the things it brings and such,
We fill our heads constantly with frets
Of things we wish to buy and debts.

We think a lot about getting old
As the years of our lives unfold,
We worry about death at life's end
And will our souls to Heaven ascend.

I think we think of things too much
Until we continually lose touch,
We miss the here and now, this very day
We should live it, not the past or someday.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 01-01-06

Song title: "A Beautiful Symphony"

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