Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I sang when young
Happy songs I sung,
Life was oh so sweet,
Each day a dandy treat.

Life was a rose garden
With no pains to harden,
Living was rosy all along,
My world a joyous song.

Through youthful years
I suffered no fears,
I drifted down life's stream
Living a fantasy dream.

Troubles arose as I got old
Life became bitterly bold,
With a heavy heart I aged
And with reality engaged.

I fought battles of life daily
I no longer lived so gayly,
Smiles became a rutty brow,
I am a grownup now.

I slaved grueling years away
Trudging toward a better day,
That glimmer of hope so bright
I kept in my world weary sight.

The gleam at the end of the path
Is escape from life's wrath,
At last I'll know peace of mind
As I retire from a world unkind.

I accepted a gold watch this year
For the years I toiled here
Then I eagerly moved for good,
Deep into the quieted woods.

A little log home is where I belong,
I awake each day with a song,
Life is a sweet bed of roses
Where my happy heart reposes.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-20-08

Song title: "In The Morning Light"

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