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Daddy by Kenneth J Ellison

From the time I was small
A little dreamer in overalls,
Growing as a scruffy laddie
I tagged after my Daddy.

I followed his shadow around
Footsteps in his on the ground,
His grownup world fascinated me
There was so much to do and see.

We paused now and then to talk
Or hand-in-hand we'd walk
As Dad taught me of life's choices
In firm or gentle voices.

I was learning of right or wrong
As we talked and walked along,
Those precious times we were alone
He was readying me to be grown.

He taught me to respect others
To never take what was another's
And a wide-eyed innocent youth
Was taught to tell the truth.

I learned the rewards of hard labor
And how to be a good neighbor,
Never make a promise I couldn't keep
Or perform an act considered cheap.

He taught me to always lend a hand
And when I was right to take a stand,
To share with those that have none
And always help the weakest one.

He Showed me through many deeds
How to sow life's foundation seeds
And if I worked hard my life through,
There was nothing I could not do.

I didn't know when I was growing
It was knowledge he was sowing
And the greatest thing he taught of,
Was to love.

Hand-in-hand through life's ways
I still walk with Daddy these days,
He went with Jesus a long time past
But the lessons taught forever last.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-07-06

Song title: "Daddy's Hands"

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