Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She strolls seaside under clouds of gray
While wind moans and sea groans play
As a chanting chorus to waves cresting
They lyrical perform to no one listening.

Pausing but briefly she stares out to sea
Thinking how circumstance's came to be.
Everything in her lifetime has gone wrong,
She sob's in harmony with the wind's song.

Despair and hopelessness has taken a toll,
Over life's situation she's lost all control,
Tearful eyes turn to the lonely sea and sky
She sighs as her desperate mind cries why?

Why was she at seashore this morning?
After pacing her bedroom till the dawning.
Turning her sad face into the blustery wind
She kneels as if praying for past acts of sin.

She rises and raises her face to the mist
like a young girl waiting for her first kiss,
Sadly she has decided what must be done,
She and the haunting sea will become one.

Her footprints lead ever nearer to sea,
Pleasing sea sounds allure deceivingly,
Seagulls scream out from craggy cliffs aloft,
She ritually disrobes 'til the last cloth is off.

Mornings misty gray day grudgingly alters,
Sunbeams twinkle over blue calming waters,
Where sea kelps and jellyfish wash onto shore
Footprints disappear--she is the sea evermore.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-18-03

Song title: "Eyes Without A Face"

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