Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Fitfully I raised from an uneasy bed
whacking my head on the bedstead,
I put an egg sized lump on my crown
That laid me quickly back down.

Never wanting to be tardy to my job
I rose from bed with a head throb,
Weaving my way toward the bathroom
I tripped on the handle of a broom.

With aching toe I hobbled to the shower
I'd have to forgo my usual hour,
I twisted the handle all the way to hot
But cold was all that I got.

As I shivered in my cold water bath
I pondered the cruelty of life's wrath,
I reached for the shampoo to wash my hair
But there was no shampoo there.

I hurriedly toweled and ran to get dressed
Only to find my clean clothes were messed,
My hairy pooch slept on them all night,
Dried slobbers and hair were a frightful sight.

Donning dirty clothes I ran out the door
And was met by a torrential downpour,
I slipped and fell headlong with a thud
Landing in the middle of a puddle of mud.

I leapt in the car grimy from toes to head,
I turned the key but the battery was dead,
Glancing at my watch I saw the date display
Oh my God! There's no work on Saturday.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-16-06

Song title: "Money Musk"

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