Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She enters the barroom once more
Staggering across the floor
Spurning everyone's warning
She comes to drink each morning.

While her children are in school
She drinks all day as a rule,
Slouched on her favorite bar-stool
Acting her role as a drunken fool.

Their mother lifts her glass again
For another drink of bitter gin,
While the hungry kids wait at home
Their loveless mom drinks alone.

There will be nothing to eat tonight
There's only money for her appetite,
She won't pay the overdue rent,
She'll drink till the money is spent.

Inside her home waits a pitiful sight
While she's out partying each night,
Dirty clothes and dishes scattered,
She's wasted all that mattered.

The drunkard is drunk once more
Staring sunken-eyed as drinks pour,
She lives in the filth of a ginmill world,
Once she was such a pretty girl.

The jukebox music loudly blares,
She cries and drunkenly stares
At the woman in the looking glass,
The bartender pours another glass.

She is arrested and released from jail
Several times a year without fail
And despite signs of an early death
Alcohol taints her breath.

Self-pity and despair has it's toll,
Drinking has overcome her soul,
Friends and family have deserted her,
The love of children lost in a blur.

She no longer cares what they think
All that matters is the next drink,
Daily she'll bid the Devil good morning
Till he takes her to Hell without warning.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-25-06

Song title: "Pretend"

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