Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Naive teens in love were they
With dreams to guide their way,
The world was an open door
For them to enter and explore.

Life's journey was at it's start
With only matters of the heart,
With a kiss and a marriage vow
Being wed was enough for now.

Life's walk they were beginning
That seemed to have no ending,
Together they stood undaunted
With time to do what they wanted.

Worthy goals were to be achieved,
They'd gain them all they believed,
They had decades to attain wealth
After all they had youth and health.

They'd have a home and family too
There was nothing they couldn't do,
Dreams for certain would come true
In their lifetime before it's through.

They toiled tirelessly all their lives
Reaping no gains from their strives,
They just managed to barely survive
Earning scarcely enough to stay alive.

The sands of time for them has ran out
And in bewilderment they look about,
None of their dreams had come to stay,
They were only hopes that slipped away.

There is no children or home on the hill
They endure in poverty, elderly and ill
Waiting for government checks to arrive
The only money keeping them alive.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-26-06

Song title: "Always" (I'll Be Loving You)

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