Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Seasons of my lifetime pass
To soon I'll live the last,
So quickly the time has fled
Leaving little but dread.

I am afraid of what lies in store
Before my breath is no more,
Anguished I ponder my fate,
Grimness of old age won't wait.

Unkind time has raped my mind,
Clouded eyes mostly blind,
I am stooped when I walk
And barely mutter when I talk.

Soon do-gooders will call on me,
Those dears of the family tree,
Words of affection will pour
As they politely close life's door.

You're to aged I'll be told
As one they'll voice bold,
Your home will be soon sold
And you'll live with others old.

Wedge me into a one room box
Pull the curtain, lock the locks,
Give me a fond farewell embrace,
Leave me in a forbidding place.

I don't care what they do
To hasten my life through,
I can die here or there
But die I will, somewhere.

How my life ends is unknown
But I'll face it on my own alone,
I look forward to the end for me
When Earth's bounds I flee.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-25-06

Song title: "Nature's Lament"

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