Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've no hope for tomorrow
Only depressive sorrow,
I have sank lowest within
Depression's pitfall again.

I struggle to rise from the pit
But cannot escape it,
It pulls me from the brink
And ever deeper I sink.

My dismal world will evolve
Into puzzles I can't solve,
I won't even try this time
To understand my mind.

Shifting colors of grays are days
Nights painted darker ways,
Bleakness my mood of mind,
Life is wholly unkind.

Brooding I blankly stare,
Emptiness everywhere,
Nothing or no one is there
And I no longer care.

I drift in twisted fantasies
Unable to face realities,
Despised time slowly moves
And no thought soothes.

I care for no one or me
That's how it must be,
For now I've no control,
No person can console.

Despair shrouds with black,
Vainly I try clawing back
But the abyss is far to wide,
I am held captive inside.

For days now I'll disappear
Then perhaps reappear here,
But for now my mind is gone,
Please! Just leave me alone.

Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-03-06

Song title: "Hope"

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