Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There was a boy I once knew
Who from imagination drew
Enchanting kingdoms of mind
Where reality and dreams entwine.

He daydreamed life as fairytales,
His world escaped by magic spells
To where all dreams came true,
Whenever he imagined them to.

Someday he would be a famous star
Richer than other dreamers by far,
All the world would know his name
And marvel at what he'd became.

His new palace on a mountain high
Would very nearly touch the sky,
He would be the king of all things,
Basking in a life treasure brings.

His lifelike imagination raced wild,
That poverty-stricken little child,
He dreamed his childhood through
Thinking they would all come true.

What became of that little cowboy
With the willow stick-horse toy?
Where is that scalawag cowpoke?
With a towel for a superman cloak.

Searching inward of a man's mind
I drift back through years of time,
Bits and pieces of memories flash
Of that small boy bold and brash.

Staring at the looking-glass I see
That little boy hidden inside me,
When I gaze deeply into my eyes
I find that dreamer in disguise.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-24-06

Song title: "Pretty Maid Milking The Cow"

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