Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

At rock-bottom totally dejected
My spirit cannot be resurrected,
My emotional state is barely alive
With scarce chance it'll revive.

My fruitless life's upside down,
My brow has a lasting frown,
Everything is wrong, nothing's right
And not a soul cares of my plight.

Nothing's going my way any day
Seems forever it's been this way,
Lady Luck's left me completely,
She quit smiling on me sweetly.

I have no job, I've got zero money
The woman's gone I called honey,
She boarded a train one month ago
Just where she went, I don't know.

Landlord's yelling for overdue rent,
One more reason for my torment
Like others I owe he'll have to wait
Till things get straight at a later date.

I can't say when things will change
And my sorry life will rearrange
Who knows what fate has in store,
I think false hope and nothing more.

I need a getaway for my weary head
Till my mind clears of all this dread,
Luck for me has been wholly unkind,
I need a hideout to slowly unwind.

This dirty town has no peace of mind
If I had any sense I'd leave it behind,
I think I'll hitchhike the long highway
Until good times again come my way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-25-06

Song title: "Albert Ammons' Blues"

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