Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've searched a lifetime
My bewildered mind
Trying to understand why
And who in creation am I?

Who in a mirror do I see
Staring dewy-eyed at me?
Why am I on this earth?
I feel of little worth.

Are there unknown reasons
Than waiting out seasons,
That I was grudgingly born,
On a cold wintry morn.

Life so far is but a sham,
I do not know who I am,
I pretend to be someone
While feeling I'm no one.

Nights I toss sleepless in bed
Searching my puzzled head
Who am I? I loudly cry,
I should know before I die.

Years are a clouded haze
I drift through in a daze
Wondering why I'm here,
The purpose is never clear.

I look deep into my soul
To know me as a whole
But alas cannot believe
Dreams meant to deceive.

I think I'll never discover
Who's beneath my cover,
This false veneer I wear
Conceals who's really there.

I think I'll never know me
Or what I'm supposed to be,
Before my pretend life's through
And I bid a cruel world adieu.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison: 11-27-06

Song title: "Two Souls, One Path"

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