Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Roused from a deep sleep
By the alarm clock's beep,
Sounding arise sleepyhead
Time to slither out of bed.

Time to groom for a workday
In the same wearisome way,
Your routine is honed so fine
Each day you rise and shine.

Sleepily you stretch and yawn
In an hour you must be gone,
Cautiously you mark the time,
Already your minute's behind.

With achy joints and eyes bleary
You rush to meet the day weary,
In a workaday rut you're mired
And daily you grow more tired.

Barely time for coffee and a roll
Before out the door you stroll,
Into darkness you quicken pace,
It's time to rejoin the rat-race.

Crank up the car turn on the heat
Time to lay rubber to concrete,
Down the street you quickly speed,
All the legal limits you exceed.

Onto the freeway to join the pack
You crowd your car into a crack,
Headlights glare and horns blare
As you join the crazy nightmare.

You daydream of retirement day
While around you rages the fray,
Thoughts of someday fairly soar,
Interrupted by the traffics roar.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-16-07

Song title: "C-C The Cat"

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