Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I rest by a path going nowhere
That comes from somewhere,
I don't know where I'm going
Or how soon I'll be knowing.

I've been here most a lifetime
With no clear thought in mind
Of where life's path may lead
Or if it's the direction I need.

I reflect on the path I've been
But can't recall where or when
I decided to rest and meditate,
Before traveling on to my fate.

If I knew what waits at life's end
Perhaps I'd sooner begin again,
Journeying to a known conclusion
Without helter-skelter confusion.

Life's path is dim in any direction
After years of profound reflection,
It's unclear if I should continue
Or observe from my present venue.

Once I knew life's path to take,
The journey a simple one to make
But life's story is now an illusion,
Blurred images of utter confusion.

Many travelers have walked past
So many I feel I'm the last,
Silently they stared dead-ahead,
No sound was made or word said.

I watch them on life's path traveled,
My mind is completely unraveled,
I'll be a spectator of life from now on,
Reasons to join the journey are gone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-12-05

Song title: "Moghile"

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