Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Down by the old mill stream
I loose my fanciful dreams,
The dandiest ones I've had
Since I was a itsy-bitsy lad.

Perched on a gnarly stump
Nigh a huckleberry clump,
I allow my mind to regress
Back to boyhood happiness.

I recall dreams and schemes
Of a cub boy at these scenes,
Horsing around the age-old mill
Where a river falls down the hill.

I daydream now as I once did
When I was a snot-nosed kid,
Imagining jimdandies glorious,
Fantasies where I'm victorious.

I took over the world back then
Though I don't recall just when,
I was king of all I could behold,
Brimming with jewels and gold.

Roosted on this splintery stump
Losing all feeling in my rump,
Cock-and-bull stories fairly gush,
Thru my thinker's mind they rush.

I yet imagine to be a noble king
With treasures and everything,
I still daydream of having it all,
Just as I stargazed when small.

As I sit and let my mind wander
It's only time that I squander,
Lifelike dreams are all I've got
Whether any come true or not.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-26-07

Song title: "Goddesses"

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