Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I am a lonely bewildered person,
Each dreaded day worsens,
Somewhere along life's winding way
I lost the will to go on each day.

I am filled with purest wrath
Each day I plod life's path,
I find no peacefulness of mind
In this world entirely unkind.

So disheartened and confused
I'm no longer slightly amused
By population that surrounds
Or life's boring ups and downs.

Seeking answers to my plight
I walked two days and a night
To where there are no clocks,
Into a desert of sand and rocks.

With worries heavy of shoulder
I perched high atop a boulder
And raising my eyes to the sky
I silently inquired who am I?

Why am I on this cruel Earth
When life seems of no worth,
Why am I unhappy all the time,
Never knowing peace of mind.

Sitting among cactus on sand
In this godforsaken wasteland
I searched deep inside my soul
For reasons that may console.

Far from any maddening crowd
I screamed for answers out loud
But only echoes answered my cry,
Like sad sighs they whispered by.

As I watched the sunset disappear
The answer became very clear,
To my dilemma I'd found the key,
The reason I'm unhappy is me!

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-01-07

Song title: "Farewell To Tarwathie"

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