Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Concealed behind safe walls
Enclosed in a cocoon small,
I watch thru dingy windows
Hidden by dusky shadows.

My windows are not barred
No guards encircle my yard,
The doors can open anytime
To flee this prison of mine.

In my comfortable prison
Darkest despair has risen,
Holding me behind doors
As panic seeps from pores.

Dreads have steadily grew
Of the outside life I knew,
The terror of people in kind
Thrives in my fearful mind.

Outdoors the world to me
Is a dreadful scene to see,
Filled with frightful places
And twisted sneering faces.

I've aged through the years
To acquire terrifying fears,
I'm afraid to venture outside
So I shun the world and hide.

Fright of the outside crept in
But I've no memory of when
Or when terror took control
Of my feeble cowardly soul.

In my safe prison I will remain
Held by no locks or chain,
I must heed the scared inner voice
That offers a captive no choice.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-17-04

Song title: "Simple Regret"

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