Nostalgia by Kenneth J Ellison

Nostalgia divide

High-school is over it's playtime
Gonna see that baby of mine,
We'll rock-n-roll all night long
Partying to the big hit songs.

Dad's chevy is polished bright
And I'll try my luck tonight,
I'll kiss her the first time then,
I'll squeeze and kiss her again.

Four years we've been waiting
Tonight there's no hesitating,
This is the special night I think
We take sweet love to the brink.

At highschool where first we met
The seniors prom of '57 is set,
Her orchid corsage is in the fridge
And she waits just over the ridge.

I can't wait to hold that little flirt
All dolled-up look 'in so pert,
She'll be the coolest on the gym floor,
A guy in love can't ask for more.

At proms end we'll speed away
To hang out at the drive-in cafe,
The jukebox will be blaring loud
As we meet the rowdy crowd.

Burger-baskets then we're off again
To lovers lane above the drive-in,
On that hill I'll pop the top down,
We'll be the envy of those around.

Soon other lovers head for home
And we're thrilled to be alone,
Tonight under a full sliver moon
Love blooms to our favorite tune.

Nostalgia Caddie Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-21-04

Song title: "At The Hop"

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