Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I have traveled weak and weary
To this edge so dark and dreary,
I falter at a wilderness unknown,
The woods between me and home.

A well trodden path is now a trail,
Not used by the fainthearted frail
But dimly marked by a brave few
Who paced the darkness through.

What menace lies within I wondered,
What ghostly thing lurks I pondered,
Some gallant souls have gone before,
Those weakest were seen no more.

At the forbidding edge I meekly stood
And heard a raven call from the wood,
It's haunting cries dare me enter in
As eerie voices in the moaning wind.

I must go I know but I'm not brave,
I fear fate to be an unmarked grave
For the goliath woods are vastly wide
And perilous miles to the distant side.

I am not cowardly of wickedness I see
It's the hidden evil that frightens me,
I've heard tales of demons in the trees
And phantoms of screaming banshees.

As the misty darkness veils me I start
With worried mind and pounding heart,
Day and night my mettle will be tested
And I have far to go before I'm rested.

With forced footsteps I enter unaware
Of horrors that lie in ambush there,
As my leaden strides crackle the leaves
My mind imagines demons in the trees.

Here and there unholy fiends scramble
To hide throughout the bristled bramble,
What others will my terrified mind see
Darting from bramble bush to tree.

With imagination bloomed to full flower
I trudge on hour after shuddery hour,
The dead hush tears my bravery apart,
I hear only the hammering of my heart.

If I could soar as the raven thru the sky
Over these darkened woods I would fly
But I cannot take flight to end this quest
And I have miles to go before I rest,
And I have miles to go before I rest.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-03-08

Song title: "The Last Unicorn"

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