Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Stair steps of life I've climbed
One unsteady step at a time,
From the first step till the top,
I've faltered but did not stop.

I've stepped thru time at will,
The grueling climb ever uphill,
Reaching for life's goals I drew
But success's were meager few.

At the top of life's stairs I see
Scattered remnants below me,
Flecks and pieces I had begun,
Blueprints for life left undone.

If I could go down life's stairs
I would mend tattered affairs,
Correcting mistakes I've made,
Righting wrong schemes I Laid.

Plans and people I swept aside
Seeking fortune with each stride,
Missing opportunities as I rushed,
Scattering behind heart's crushed.

At the last step of my lifespan
I have no more future life plan,
I'm now a white-haired old man
With no useful purpose at hand.

There are no more stairs to climb
I can't turn back hands of time,
I woefully regret mistakes I made
And well-meaning people betrayed.

My ambitions like unfinished songs,
I never put words where they belong,
It's too late for words to ever repair
The damage at the foot of the stairs.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-17-07

Song title: "A Long Time Ago"

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