Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Childlike thoughts of mind
Of the little girl left behind,
Her dreams as many before
Lie waiting at hopes door.

Longing desires lie at rest,
Her dreams in a hope-chest
Wait to be wakened from sleep,
Youths promises to keep.

Thru childhood to womanhood
Her dreams steadfast stood,
But they will never come true
As she daydreamed them too.

Jaded dreamings lie as treasure
Tattered wishes with no measure,
They wait in a hope-chest in store,
Covered by dust on an attic floor.

A rose covered picket fence
Is lost in a dreams pretense,
No white picket fence encloses
A cottage bordered by roses.

No prince came to carry her away
As imagined when a child at play,
No knight on a white horse will carry
Her away to dreamland too marry.

Childish wishes and little girl schemes
Are lain aside as unfinished dreams,
A fairytale life has fantastic appeal
But a little girl world is never real.

Thoughts dart ahead through time
Into a reality state of mind,
New dreams form a future plan
And none include her dream man.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-02-07

Song title: "Scarborough Fair"

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