Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I wake in wee hours unable to sleep
Familiar longings slowly creep,
Loneliness is my endless dark state,
Bleak isolation is my naked fate.

My chair is waiting for me out there
At the window where I sit and stare,
I'll squander the day gazing outside
While desolation and desires collide.

Reasons for raw solitude are sought,
I plunge myself into muddled thought,
I don't know why life will end this way,
Hopeless I struggle to cope each day.

My dear family has passed on to glory,
My wife left ending that fairytale story,
Old age reflects in the mirror on the wall,
I need someone but there's no one at all.

A table and chair is my mundane world,
Smoke from the chimney twist to a curl,
While it rises to disappear into misty air
I sit bitter at my window full of despair.

No sage could scheme a life like this,
The companions of yesteryear I miss,
I wonder where old friends have gone,
I've waited years by the silent phone.

From time to time I've tried so hard,
Fruitless efforts left my heart scarred,
There seems no way to make love last,
I am consumed by memories of the past.

I weep for me so lonely and forlorn
Silently cursing the day I was born,
One day I'll be found dead in this chair
And there is no one who will care.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-01-05

Song title: "Lament for Atlantis"

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