Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

An ugly duckling grows
To blossom as the rose,
Beautiful she's become,
Sweetly ripe as the plum.

She's grown yet young
With songs to be sung,
New things to be done,
Men's favor to be won.

It's a butterfly world
For the doe-eyed girl
With flutter by dreams
Of tomorrow schemes.

Daydreams for awhile
Brings secret smiles,
Whims no one can know
Of passions warm glow.

Gone are little girl toys
And notions of little boys,
Darling dolls are put away
As dreams of yesterday.

Bright new horizons loom
For a young lass in bloom,
In curious star filled eyes
An exciting new world lies.

In a wild flower meadow
Casting a woman's shadow,
Thoughts are oddly of men,
More often now than then.

From the cocoon of a girl
Living in a butterfly world
A young woman has grown,
Facing a destiny unknown.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-19-07

Song title: "Glens Of Antrim"

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