Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Would anyone hear,
Will anybody care
If I write it all down
Will I appear a clown?

Will they hear my cries
My heaving sighs
If I composed for them
On a desperate whim.

My voice is not heard
Perhaps written words
Would make them hear
My mutterings clear.

I shriek bitterly out
With tortured shouts,
Only silence echoes
Deepening sorrows.

My heartbeat pounds
Are the only sounds,
No words are spoken,
No silence broken.

But if I wrote the lines
Of my troubled times
Would that be the key
For them to hear me.

If I emerge from my place,
This bleak empty space
And meet face to face
Would anyone embrace?

They would not I know,
I'll hide in the shadow,
In dark nooks of mind
From onlookers unkind.

What good to write verse
If pains become worse,
What good to pen a word
That will never be heard.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-02-07

Song title: Unknown to me

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