Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Quietness settles with the mist
The far horizon is sun kissed,
A peaceful night is being born
Sprinkling dew for early morn.

The orange glow of sunset fades
Painting in evening shades,
A hush blankets the forest glen
As darkness is beckoned in.

As the shadows blend into night
His cabin glows in lamplight,
An old man stokes to life cinders
Laying wood on glowing embers.

Gently settling into an old chair
At flickering flames he stares,
As the fireplace warms his bones
He wonders where time has flown.

So many years have taken flight
Softly he sighs at the coming night,
Nighttime enfolds in lonely embrace,
In wrinkled hands he hides his face.

Shoulders shake as he softly cries,
No one hears the mournful sighs,
Drying tired eyes he settles back
Listening to the fireplace crack.

Drifting to other times and places
Memory recalls forgotten faces,
Strangely smiling from long ago,
The creaking chair rocks to and fro.

Long into the night he'll gently rock
Listening to the clock's tick-tock
Staring at the fires crackling blaze
Reliving yesteryears happier days.

Loneliness gnaws his broken heart
As he rocks before the hearth,
Morning light will bring a new day
But it will end the same lonely way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-01-07

Song title: "Angels (In The Arms Of)"

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