Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As I repose in the morning quiet
Welcoming the days first light,
Peace slowly seeps into my soul
Restoring what worry has stole.

Until I feel soothing deep inside
In the dawning is where I'll hide,
Settled with ease under the trees
Until my nettlesome trouble flees.

There is a hush in days first light
That relieves from a fretful night
Carrying me to mellower planes,
High over life's meddling strains.

My quiet time comes with dawn
Into it's wispy light I'm drawn,
Searching for answers in shadows
As daybreak opens new windows.

In this calm no sound is around
But a perfect one so profound,
My sound makes no sound at all
Yet I hear clearly it's beckon call.

The sound of silence enfolds me
Into a silky cocoon worry free,
The quiet carries me on a crest
To a dreamland of blessed rest.

In the stillness of dawns first light
Life's scary shadows take flight,
My tribulations soon fade away
With daysprings first radiant ray.

The pure sound of silence is rare,
It tenderly frees me from despair,
When I seek peace from the rush,
I listen for the soundless hush.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-01-07

Song title: "Daybreak"

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