Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I like fluttery butterflies
And bright blue skies,
Clouds puffy white
And flying a kite.

I like birds singing
And geese winging,
A dew kissed red rose
And a sunrise glow.

I love a starry night
A silver moon bright,
Dreams that delight
And an ice-cream bite.

What pleases my senses
Over rose covered fences
Is a country serene scene
And giant trees of green.

I like to lay in wildflowers
Daydreaming for hours
In the sweet scented air
Under sunbeams glare.

I adore ghost tales scary
And wild mountain berry,
Camping on a wooded hill,
The cry of a whippoorwill.

I'm charmed by things I see
But the child inside me
Dreams of the in-between,
Things that can't be seen.

I'm delighted by fairytales
And wishing-wells,
I believe in magic spells
And gnomes dwell in dells.

I'm enchanted by stories old
And a rainbows pot of gold,
The sounds a stormy sea made
And a quiet forest glade.

I believe fairies live in trees
And there's a child inside me
Who loves the magic of a dream
When worries grow extreme.

I will forevermore adore
All these things and more
My world will only hold,
The good I have told.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-22-07

Song title: "Come Back Paddy Reilly"

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