Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I lay my head on the pillow,
A sleepy dog-tired fellow,
Hours of snoring was my plan
As I waited for the sandman.

I yawned scratching my rump
Then heard a slight bump,
Just a rustle against the wall
That was barely a sound at all.

It's only the wind I suppose
As I snuggled down to doze,
Then came a thumping hard,
Something was in the yard.

Thinking I should investigate it
I rolled out of bed in a snit
And left my wife sawing logs,
Snoring like wild rooting hogs.

Grabbing the flashlight out I went
Finding that sound was my intent,
As I tippytoed around the house
All I heard was my snoring spouse.

I rounded the corner with the light
And was met with a fearful sight,
It was a stinky skunk to my surprise
And my life flashed before my eyes.

Before I could tell my feet to run
The startled skunk quickly spun,
There was no time to think or blink
Before it spewed a choking stink.

A mushroom cloud of skunk dew
Slimed me before it was through,
With searing tears streaming I ran,
Backward as fast as any man can.

I croaked, coughed and sneezed,
Tried to breathe but only wheezed,
Skunk stink filled my sneezy snout
And stench coated from inside out.

As I lay breathless in dewy grass
My screeching wife raced past,
It's a dang skunk she screamed,
Now we've both been creamed.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-17-07

Song title: "Bill Cheatham"

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