Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I cannot magically rearrange,
The present I cannot change,
Perhaps my destiny I control
But the notion doesn't console.

It's time sped by that matters,
Just the past strewn in tatters
And no hope to make amends,
Time is scattered in the winds.

Time specks swirling in a breeze
That can't be mended to appease,
Fragments torn asunder forever
That can never be sewn together.

The present tense is full drawn,
Past mistakes are faults gone,
You whisper you forgive and yet
Your eyes say you won't forget.

If I could capture time in a jar
Or my wish come true on a star
I'd go back to erase mistakes,
Those that caused heartaches.

I can't control the winds of time
Nor thoughts in a worried mind,
The past is blown away as sand,
It will not arrange on command.

Time is not spent as one wills
I cannot gather mistaken spills,
I can't return to what used to be,
Those bits and pieces are lost to me.

So I'm suspended in present place
Remembering the pain on your face,
If I could change yesteryear I would,
I'd mend your heart, If only I could.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-23-08

Song title: "Make The World Go Away"

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