Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've often stood and wondered
Deep in thought I've pondered,
Staring up at the stars in space,
Mystified over that vast place.

God made the heavens and Earth
This is gospel for what it's worth
And I believe it with all my heart
So that means space had a start.

Scholars of science notably clever
Swear that space goes on forever
With limitless stars beyond ours
In Milky-Ways somewhere afar.

Space goes on eternal they think
But surely there is a clear brink,
A place in space where it will end
Or does it just circle back again?

For everything that has a beginning
Logically there should be an ending
And as believers we're surely aware
God began the universe up there.

My vexed mind cannot comprehend
The notion of anything with no end,
My best reasoning will not embrace
The idea of boundless eternal space.

If I journeyed through the universe,
And for eons of dimensions traversed
Moving many times the speed of light
Forever there would be no end in sight.

Perplexed I often ponder and wonder
Staring at the starry splendor yonder,
Why did God invent a thing so vast?
For what intent if nothing can go past.

You can't go over it around it or thru it,
The idea of eternal amazes I'll admit,
Maybe I'm a minnow in a jumbo fishbowl
Being observed by some behemoth soul.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-03-08

Song title: " Stolen Kiss"

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