Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Burdens of the heart overwhelm her
Sad memories constantly stir,
Mistakes made no love will forgive,
Ones her mind will forever relive.

In the lonely hours of darkness
In a dim existence of starkness
She wonders just how to carry on
With any glimmer of hope gone.

Somewhere in her muddled mind
With clouded thoughts entwined
She drifts into a dreamlike space,
Into a peaceful resting place.

In thought is a place to escape
Where illusions become shape,
A fantasy world to conceal her
When clarity becomes a blur.

It's a paradise where she stays
Hidden through troubled days,
There is never reflection there,
No painful memories will flare.

Lost in time in her Eden of ease
There's no mistakes to appease,
Those made in the world outside
Have no presence where she hides.

Terrible acts done she cannot undo
She cannot change what's through,
There is no forgiveness in any heart,
No harmed one allows a new start.

Frequently lost in time in her mind
She flees to leave reality behind,
She escapes to that peaceful nook
To live happily in a fairytale book.

There no feelings can be crushed
No life changes must be rushed,
It's a serene place to be she thinks
As sanity teeters on the brink.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-18-08

Song title: "It's Your World"

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