Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When I look backward in mind
I was not one of a kind,
Though as I think back when,
I thought I was then.

A brash youth as I recall,
I was sure I knew it all,
Mastering everything known
Before I was half grown.

No one could teach me a thing
Nothing new could they bring,
I knew all I needed to know,
At least I thought that was so.

My logical opinions were pure
I was truly unique for sure,
Smarter than anyone I knew,
From a fool's point of view.

Loving parents and many older
Patted me on my shoulder
And with scolding voices stern
Insisted I had a lot to learn.

But I would not listen to them
My future spun on a whim,
I left home when not yet grown
Wanting no help to be on my own.

I stumbled foolishly through life
Creating nothing but strife,
Hard times got harder thru years,
I lived with trials and fears.

Bleak poverty camped at my door
I was among the poorest of poor,
I brooded among the unschooled
Knowing it was only me I fooled.

I aged to become a bitter fellow,
I was gray before I was mellow,
Life got little easier thru the ages,
If only I'd heeded those wise sages.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-02-08

Song title: "Glens Of Antrim"

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