Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When I was a small lad
Sometimes I was bad,
A streak of bad I had,
It made mother mad.

I grew older and bolder
And stout of shoulder,
I was fearless as can be,
A brave streak was in me.

The boyhood years went by
And women caught my eye,
I sampled but did not keep,
My lover's streak ran deep.

I lived a wild life for years
Causing heartbroken tears,
Teardrops ran their cheek,
I had a mean wild streak.

I was filled with false pride
Vanity ran deep and wide,
I am perfect I often vowed,
My vain streak was proud.

I could not be taught anything
I thought I knew everything,
I conceded to no wiser soul
A stubborn streak had control.

I turned around and found
By wickedness I was bound,
My spiritual soul stained,
My wicked streak unrestrained.

As streaks curved and curled
I surrendered all in this world,
I found forgiveness thru prayer
And my religious streak there.

Time has quickly streaked by
I've lost the twinkle of eye,
I've grown old along the way,
My streaks are all of gray.

In life I've had many streaks,
Evil valleys and glory peaks,
Soon my final streak will end
And my restless spirit will ascend.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-15-08

Song title: "James Connolly"

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