Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I came to this place stern of face
The fading sunset to embrace
There is ease in the sea-breeze,
Sea tones sing in soothing keys.

The strife of life most heavy lays,
There is no serenity in bitter days,
With the gentle caress of nightfall
Perhaps peace of mind will call.

As a silhouette I pose on shore
A writer who writes no more,
Listless I face the waning sunset
With bothers besetting me yet.

Troubles have drained me out
I feel nothing to write about
Words have vanished as love,
Treachery I cannot write of.

I did not intend to form poetic lines
With thoughts twined as vines,
'Twas the ease of solitude sought,
Not rhyming of rhythmic thought.

But as nightfall and I are joined
Flowery verses will be coined
As we merge in the darkened still
Soothing inspires a reluctant will.

Bathed in beauty of moonshine
Darkened thoughts untwine,
Shadowed words align as rhyme
Filling my mind in rhythmic time.

Desperation becomes inspiration
Unhappiness turns to elation,
Deadened emotions are set aglow
As a riptide the words quickly flow.

A burst of verses come curiously
By lantern I write furiously
And when I am done at dawn,
I rise trouble free and yawn.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-04-08

Song title: "Canta Libre"

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