Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


I came to this bubbly stream
In wonder to dream,
To listen to the swaying trees
Whispering with rustling leaves.

At peace in this hushed place
I hope to see me face-to-face,
I wish to meet who is beneath
This daydreamers sheath.

If I knew who I am right now
Behind this bewildered brow,
Would I like who I recognize
With stars in wishful eyes.

In fantasy I see forward of me
To someone I yearn to be
But who I am this lovely day,
Dreamy thoughts won't say.

I think it was only yesterday
A carefree child was at play,
At least it seems that way
As I linger wishfully today.

I never dreamed I'd grow fast
I wanted childhood to last,
I knew the child of yesteryear
But who is daydreaming here?

Who is standing on the brink?
Who has paused to think?
I'm at the threshold of forever
And cannot put me together.

As a hummingbird bright of wing
So beautiful but cannot sing,
I too in brilliance stand apart
With no song in my heart.

As I listen to whispering leaves
Lightly rustling in the breeze
And the soft gurgle of the stream
Who I am lies asleep in a dream.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-17-08

Song title: "A Celtic Son"

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