Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They teased me again at school today
Taunting me in their same cruel way,
Mocking the tattered clothes I wore,
Laughing as they yelled I was poor.

I raced down that dusty dim track
To home hardly more than a shack,
Hastily I climbed to my hiding place
And sat wiping tears from my face.

My mother's voice carried to me
As I sat in the chinaberry tree,
Her song so sweet hushed the birds
So they may hear the pretty words.

As I sat perched on my favorite limb
So beautiful she sang a gospel hymn,
As the darkening day came to it's end
I listened to mothers song in the wind.

Soon her sweet voice would call me in,
In time for our meager meal to begin,
I knew the offering we'd have tonight
As we huddled in the glow of lamplight.

Dad would come home after slaving hard
And park that worn-out truck in the yard,
After washing the grime off at the creek,
Wearily smiling he'll kiss mother's cheek.

Seated at that shaky table dad will pray
For a little better living someday,
Softly he'll speak of the Promised-Land
And pray for grace from God's own hand.

We will break bread with stew and tea
And maybe some meat if it came free,
But there'll be love aplenty to go around
As we hungrily wolf a scant meal down.

There never seemed to be quite enough,
Living was hard and times were tough
And as I listened to mother's sweet voice
I realized that life had offered no choice.

Sadly we are poor and things won't change,
Only God in mercy could ever rearrange,
They'll tease me tomorrow but that's alright,
I'll find comfort and love in the glow of lamplight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-31-08

Song title: "The Bard Of Armagh"

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