Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I Swear  I'm not Balding

I came squalling into this world
With nary a hair curled,
Not even fuzz graced my top
To hint of a coming crop.

I was born bald as my behind
Not one hair could you find
But as a weed I speedily grew
With a wavy head of hair too.

My princely locks grew longer
And appeal to feel got stronger,
Gals liked to run fingers through
My splendid sumptuous hairdo.

I became older and I got bolder
I grew ringlets to my shoulder
The rich locks of chestnut brown
Ever so shiny bounced around.

I wallowed in the glory of my hair
It's splendor beyond compare
But in my roots lurked an unknown,
A gene the family tree had sown.

My dome was doomed to be bald
And as I began to molt I squalled,
Hair was shedding at hyper speed,
Horrified I saw my hairline recede.

Locks of brown lie dead around
Almost everywhere their found,
In the shower or in my comb
I find gobs of hair from my dome.

I study my golf ball head in tears
The only hair growing is in my ears
Where I had gleaming streaming hair
Is now just a chrome-domes' glare.

My noggin is bald as a baby's behind
With only memories to remind,
Curls of chestnut brown I'm craving
Oh how I miss your splendor waving.

Baby Cooper with baseball cap

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-15-08

Song title: "Irish Immigrant"

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