Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Pieces created by Kenneth J Ellison

We are born into this world whole
A complete person body and soul
But from birth our whole is lent
Pieces to add before life is spent.

Little bits and parts we accumulate,
Some are given and some we create,
Bits of life are gathered as we grow
And joined as one to make us whole.

We are loved and we love in return,
Some love is given and some we earn,
Love is a piece we add to our being
Before robust youth goes fleeing.

In love we wed and have babies birth,
Adorable pieces to add to our worth,
Children have children as more bits
And those bits into our whole we knit.

We have fondness for friends so dear
And satisfaction in a working career,
We have the love of a devoted spouse
And there is joy in our lovely house.

So many pieces make our life complete
More abundant than grains of wheat,
We winnow the chaff keeping the wanted
Weaving them into our whole undaunted.

What we do not realize until very old
And our lifetime story is mostly told
Is at some veiled phase on life's stage
We began losing pieces as we age.

Little bits of life that made us complete
Are being chipped away ever so fleet,
The older we grow the more pieces lost,
They melt fast away as beads of frost.

Pieces held as precious and cherished
Once a part of our whole has perished,
They exist only in our confused mind
Strewn by time and justice that's blind.

Gone are the pieces of joy in our life
Shredded away by times cruel knife,
Forsaken by love and isolated by all
No friend or family now lovingly call.

One by one our children move away
Around our feet no grandchildren play
All the tatters that made us are gone
Leaving us incomplete and alone.

Once wholly perfect now we're broken
The ravages of old age has spoken,
Missing are pieces that made us whole,
May God have mercy on our soul.

Pieces dividing line of Circles

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-27-08

Song title: "Going Home"

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