Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I took my baseball cap from it's peg
Slapped the dust off against my leg
Then tugging it to my brow just right
I stepped into morning's bright light.

With coffee jug and mug I departed
Feeling a tad sad and downhearted,
It's okay that she said we're through
But that two-timer took my dog too.

I hiked on down to my favorite spot
Where I often squat and think a lot,
A mystic place I go when feeling low,
Far into the woods by a streams flow.

I sat on a gnarly log by the stream
To mull over things and daydream
And while away some pleasant time
Roaming the corridors of my mind.

The stillness was broken by a snicker
Then just as quick I caught a flicker,
Something darted into the brier patch
Scooting to quick for a stare to catch.

I hopped on the log to peer around
Then heard an eerie barking sound,
It was like nothing I'd heard before,
My thumping pulse began to soar.

Quick as a wink or my startled blink
The thing took my mind to the brink,
It sprang out squarely in front of me
And it was not a sight for eyes to see.

It was a whatchamacallit of some sort
A woodland creature hairy and short,
With one eye blue and the other brown
And a wiggly snout covered with down.

It had pink skin and a tail that wagged
And a tongue so long it nearly dragged,
I saw a goat like horn between it's ears
And when it snorted I aged ten years.

My feet beat a hasty retreat for home
But I was not alone as I scurried along,
It followed me to the house like a pet
And there it lives under the porch yet.

It's an odd but lovable whatchamacallit
Now we're pals and I've grown to love it,
My dog stand-in will get a name one day,
If I can just figure out what came to stay.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-06-08

Song title: "New York Girls"

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