Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He woke to rolling thunder overhead
And gingerly slid from a soiled bed,
Coughing wildly as he stood upright,
Surprised he'd lasted the night.

Staggering across the reeling room
He must face the sickness soon,
The screaming demon must be fed
To quiet the pounding in his head.

Solely he sits at the shaky table,
He fights to think but is unable,
Thoughts are slow as ghosts dim
Passing as phantoms before him.

Grimy clothes spattered with stains,
He shudders tormented by pains,
Rain patters the dirty windowpanes
As he strains for control in vain.

Faded window curtains lightly billow
As cigarette stained hands of yellow
Shakily reach for the next mistake,
That swallow of firewater he'll take.

In a drunken haze he'll feast alone
Until every bitter drop is gone
Then madly he'll search for more
Behind every cupboard door.

He is lost to the world and himself
As he takes the last from the shelf,
His only thought is the next drink
That will sink him to oblivion's brink.

Before him an old photograph lays,
The doomed love of wedded days,
Her smiling face catches his tears
As she has through empty years.

He leans cheek down on the table
He would go to bed but is unable,
A chair will be his comfort tonight,
His demon will find him at daylight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-02-08

Song title: "I'll Leave This World Loving You"

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