Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In my pockets I have no gold
In my life no lover to hold,
My fragile emotions are torn,
My loveless heart is worn.

I've slaved my life away for a boss
But always dreams were a loss,
Dreams were big but the pay small,
I could not buy any dream at all.

Life has been a hard hill to climb
Surviving has taken every dime,
My wants have fallen by the way,
I can't buy wishes on slaves pay.

I dreamed of a castle with a view
But that fantasy won't come true,
Dreams brought me a princess bride
But fairytales are desires denied.

But love is free it was often told
And I ached for wedding bells toll,
But hope for a bride is lain to rest,
Love will not come to my cold nest.

No one wants to share being poor,
I'll carry no bride thru my door,
I have nothing to lay at their feet
But a lifetime on poverty street.

Alone in my sharecroppers shack
My weary mind wanders back
Through dreams I chased undaunted
And not one has came true I wanted.

I climbed the hill and nothing was there
My pockets and pantry are bare,
I own nothing but the junk around me
And no blushing bride will I see.

I'm standing at the door of eternity
Soon old age will pass me to infinity,
I place my destiny in God's hands,
I have no faith in mine or man's.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-20-08

Song title: "Red Is The Rose"

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