Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Life is a straight line through time
And as babies to beyond our prime
We struggle along it to our old age
Until at last we reach the last stage.

As we scamper along life's highway
Through the good and bad every day
We make choices to turn left or right
Or stay the course if life seems bright.

We'll take side walks from our course
Whether on purpose or by force
And have short or long term effects
Whether the wrong or correct we select.

Side walks are the sum of our worth
As we walk a narrow line from birth,
From our first years till deaths tears
We veer wherever a moment steers.

Wedded bliss or a divorce fuming hate
Are side walks off a line that's straight,
A church chosen or which car to drive
Were walks taken for lives to thrive.

We can give a broken heart or get one
And someone will hurt for what's done,
We'll chalk it up as a memory to block
But either way it was a passionate walk.

We walk to purchase a home that's new,
We walk toward God for sinning's we do,
Everyday of our busy lives at the dawn
We are drawn to paths to venture on.

There are countless side walks we take
Some are good, some were a mistake,
Many we forget with the passing of time
And never recall we veered off the line.

We are time-travelers thru our realm
With our flesh and minds at the helm,
Physical and mental walks we'll take,
Some will bring joy, others heartache.

Life is a straight line through our lives
And we travel it until our end arrives
But from the narrow way we'll stray
Onto new or old side walks every day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-16-08

Song title: "Dromore"

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