Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I want to go back to heaven,
My high-school class of '57,
I'm tired of work and feeling old
I miss fun times and rock-in-roll.
That time of rhythm and blues
Poodle skirts and suede shoes
When daydreams easily set sail,
I miss that sweetie in a ponytail.
Boys turning up collars on coats
Hamburgers and root-beer floats,
Giggling girls in sweaters tight,
Late night swims by moonlight.
I miss those little bouts with Dad,
Begging for money he never had
To take my sweetheart on a date
And pleading to stay out late.
Coming home from a drive-in show
Always parking where lovers go,
Listening to the radios latest hits
Then home before Dad threw fits.
Secret meets in the halls of school
Breaking the teachers rigid rules,
Sitting in class trying to look smart
As I write my gal's name in a heart.
High school bands and ball games,
Boys on the bus sharing girls names,
Cute cheer leaders and school dances
Young lovers and short romances.
Precious memories flood my mind
If I could only go back in time,
Back to what I recall as heaven,
My old high-school class of '57.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-28-04

Song title: "Johnny B. Goode"

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