Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'm stuck in my high-school days
When everyday was just for play,
I just can't get them out of mind
I'm wedged in a fifties timeline.

Where are the cutie's in ponytails
And guys with hair in duck-tails,
I even miss those mouthy teachers,
Specially that one under the bleachers.

Drive-in burger's and a drive-in show
Skinny dipping by moon glow,
Late night parties out by the lake,
Rock 'in and roll 'in till daybreak.

Cruising main street half the night
Looking for fuzzy sweaters tight,
Those cute dolls all giggly and sweet
Rose my pulse and soared my heat.

Broken curfews with daddy's car,
Lovers lane beneath the stars,
Sweaty palms and smeared lipstick,
Hot hugs from a cheerleader chick.

Rowdy ball games and sock-hops
Hot-rod cars flamed and chopped,
The seniors prom in my rented tux
Then the drive-in for burger's deluxe.

Sweet kisses from my sweetheart
With temporary vows to never part,
Going steady was the latest thing
And letting her wear your class-ring.

I can't get the fifties out of mind
And leave my teen years behind,
Like a timeless tune with no ending,
Memories play at the days beginning.

For the rock 'in fifties I'll always long
But all I have now is the golden songs
And old memories that get in my way,
I wonder where everyone is today.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-14-04

Song title: "Carol"

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