Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Footsteps on the barroom floor
Echo his coming once more,
He quietly sits as often times
Trembling as he searches for dimes.

On his favorite stool sits a fool
There each morning as a rule,
Staring at pretty bottles in a row,
Waiting for the hangover to go.

So many youthful years wasted
Life's wilder times he's tasted,
While his loved ones vainly waited
For his cravings to be sated.

The honky-tonk jukebox plays
While he waste his days away,
No longer is drinking a thrill,
He's an old drunk over-the-hill.

The flashing bright neon lights
And drinking binges all nights,
Lured him in to take their toll,
The price paid is his tainted soul.

His once twinkling bright eyes
Can no longer hide his disguise
Of being a swell man about town,
He's just called, drunken clown.

Nothing matters to him anymore
As he enters the barroom door,
See the pretty bottles brightly hued?
Sit down fool-pay the Devil his due.

Bubbles in his beer welcome him here
While he loses all held so dear,
Go ahead fool, drink your life away
There will be no booze on Judgment Day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-26-04

Song title: "Wine Colored Roses"

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