Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Once more I'm in my secret place,
The easy smile taken from my face,
Frown lines crease my aching brow
I'm drawn into my dark place now.

Bouts of crying has replaced my smile
I'll be steeped in sorrow for a while,
I never know how long I'll be here,
Withdrawn into my shell of fear.

Self-doubt and fear will cruelly rule
As I drown in my depression pool,
Unhappiness will reign night and day,
As I wonder why I should live this way.

I feel worthless where I secretly hide
Buried in my clouded mind I reside,
Dark thoughts make me feel so small
And unwanted or loved by anyone at all.

Suspicion of all has stolen my appetite,
False illusions keep me awake at night,
Weak and weary I face each dreary day
Helpless and hopeless as time sifts away.

I've no interest in anything or anyone anymore
I care about nothing coming or gone before,
All I want is for the world to leave me alone
And please, don't ask how long I'll be gone.

I am wrapped in a cocoon of black moods
Bound by crying fits and heartsick broods,
Blankly staring into space for hours in a row,
Sitting helpless as depressing shadows grow.

I'll be back with time but I can't say when
Please, don't expect to much until then,
My well of depression is stark and deep,
For now it's dark shadows are my keep.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-01-08

Song title: "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

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