My thinning hair is white as snow
But I still remember long ago
When I was a brash young man
Rushing through life with no plan.

Hey! Make a grand plan everyone said
Get those daydreams out of your head,
Plan for the future when old and gray,
Save some money for a rainy day.

You need a retirement plan for old age
Came the words from a wrinkled sage
Or when you reach your golden years
No funds will be your greatest fears.

You must have a retirement fund to live
Was the advise do-gooders had to give,
Have a plan or become a pauper poor
Always wanting and needing more.

Hey! I have years before I need a plan
After all I'm still a very young man,
I have time to build a retirement fund
That will payback plenty of refund.

That was a lifetime ago I shouted that
As I consider where this old fool is at
But hey! I've finally made some plans,
Everyday I get cash from selling cans.

If I hold my hat out to folks walking by
They drop in change with a leery eye
And when I make a face like I may cry
They'll give a bit more for a pitiful guy.

The bridge I curl up under every night
Is not so grand as to inspire delight
But it's okay for an old beggar sleeping
And muffles the sounds of nightly weeping.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-23-08

Song title: "Front Porch Dreams"

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