Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Once I was a highwayman in time of old
A handsome road agent dashingly bold,
Wealthy men's gold I stole to dole out
To the grateful peasants farming about.

I rode a white stallion over desert sands
To rescue a maiden from a clans hands,
Bravely I saved her from the evil sheik
And wed the princess so beautifully meek.

I became a mighty king once upon a time
In a fairytale land of nursery rhyme,
Where all was possible by simply a wish
And a dreamy desire was never childish.

As the gallant captain of a fleet starship
I heroically battled an evil empires grip,
I saved humankind with my daring deed,
And became a hero in their time of need.

I could fly like an eagle if it pleased me
Soaring high in the sky I would be free,
I'd wing between oceans shore to shore
Before exploring a new dream once more.

I can swim as a dolphin in seas crystal clear
Or rapidly run like a startled deer in fear,
I can sing sweetly or build a mansion on a hill
Or fall madly in love or out of love at will.

My never-ending dreams comfort me often
When I need hard times in life to soften
Or when I weary of merely being dull old me
I drift off to dreamland on a fantasy spree.

Dreams, oh sweet dreams take boredom away
Let me play in your realm forever and a day,
Into that dreamworld where wishes come true
My thoughts will stray my lifetime through.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-21-08

Song title: "Kelly The Boy From Killane"

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