Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Lances of lightning pierce through blackened sky
Thunderclaps quiver the four-poster where I lie,
Over my frail being is ghastly shadows I am seeing,
Fears instill at will ere the morrow sends them fleeing.

Leave me dancing demons spawned by candlelight
Away thy horrors into the drear cheerless night,
Bearer's of worst tidings so smartly you are hiding,
Do you appear here to thieve my sanity ever biding?

I grow fearless you loathly ghouls of waiting hellfire
Though I lie gravely stricken this stormy night so dire,
You omens of doom render no tidings before unheard,
For absurd witless healers have doomed me by a word.

Ere my eyes are set to weeping, ere your ending creeping,
I shall rest deeply soundly sleeping, thusly sanest keeping,
Devils of vileness, you shan't revel in the tears of my crying,
Rush from me, so I drift into undreamed hush as I lie dying.

Blest rest at serenest best, lend thy calm to my tense breast,
Impart slumber to this fading heart, carry me to thine crest,
Gift me sleep per chance to keep my destined date with fate,
If my soul is to go then allow it so, bear me through that gate.

Peck, peck, pecking on my windowpane, more pestering than pattering rain,
Tis nary a soul I would know who incessantly strikes with naught for gain,
What terror taps at midnights stroke, who my dreamless slumber woke?
Who so brash lurks? Peering leering through my window with no word spoke.

Weakly I cry out, speak thy name! Yet no name came, only pecks on pane,
A harbinger of death I thought, perhaps my soul is sought. You! Are thee bane?
The bother is not a crow I know, that simply cannot be so, just a mythical tale,
An untruth repeating that if a crow in greeting pecks, death follows without fail.

Suddenly! Dead quiet in the night, with no rustling of sound around at all,
Breathless we listened, me and the appalling shadows sprawling on the wall,
Ah the sweetest sound is silence unbroken but for my token words spoken,
Only mutterings of utter dismay, yah even puzzlement at being first woken.

Tap-tapping, tap-tapping, someone before my door this unholy night is rapping,
Why cannot the doomed lie abed with no dread of dead as all vigor is sapping,
Tick-tock, tick-tock from the mantle clock, knock-knock at my bedroom door,
It is certainly some well-wisher I am thinking as I lie blinking - nothing more.

Can it be unkindly kinsmen or unmannered tradesmen who come rudely late to call
Or perhaps that draft blustering thru the hall who raps, and nothing more at all,
Creak, creak, I cannot speak as wide-eyed I stare at the squeaking chamber door,
Creak-creak, slowly it swings wide to inside. Oh! It is only you, only you - evermore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-07-09

Song title: "Ethereal"

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